About Randy

Associate Professor of English and Dr. James Wilson/BORSF Eminent Scholar Endowed Professor in Southern Studies at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Writer who publishes in a range of media and genres. See Research and Creativity sections for details.

Director of UL Lafayette’s Professional Writing program and humanities professor who teaches Asian and Asian American literature and media.

Filipino American who researches the history of Filipinos in Louisiana and is active in the Filipino American community.  See Community. According to Positively Filipino, one of the “Remarkable and Famous” Fil-Ams.

Media source for stories on Filipinos in Louisiana. See articles in Huff Post and Atlas Obscura, and blog post at The Points Guy.

New Orleanian who spent 14 years living and teaching in the United Arab Emirates, Korea, and Japan, and now lives in Lafayette, La.


Researcher focused on the history of Filipinos in Louisiana.

Public scholar who works with the Philippine Louisiana Historical Society to showcase the  history of Filipinos in the state.


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Public Media

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Co-vice-president of the Philippine Louisiana Historical Society (PLHS). For an introduction Filipinos in Louisiana see our handout. https://gonzales22.com/documents/Brief_History_PLHS.pdf

Public speaker who shares the story of Filipino Louisiana. Watch the unveiling of the St. Malo historical marker.

Board member of Filipino American Friends of Acadiana.

Visit Filipino La.

Creative Writing

Writer interested in exploring creativity as a mode of invention, as a method of understanding.

Poet interested in a documentary poetics that incorporates historical texts.


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