Ph.D. English, The University of Southern Mississippi, 2014

Dissertation: "Filipino, too: Compositions on Culture and Identity" - a creative dissertation that seeks to understand the condition of being displaced and the impact displacement has on perspective

Advisors: Angela Ball (Director), Linda Allen, Rebecca Morgan Frank, Jeffrey Kaufmann, Charles Sumner

Exam Areas: Contemporary Poetry and Poetics, American & British Literature 1890-1960, Filipino/Filipino American Literature

Minor Area: Anthropology

M.A. English, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 1994

B.A. English, University of New Orleans, 1991

B.A. History, University of New Orleans, 1991

Peer-reviewed Journals

"(Un)Documented, a Narrative of M— in Letters to/from US Institutions." Proceedings from the Document Academy 4.1 (2017). Web.

Creative Journals


"The Filipino Mission Moves to Talisheek, Louisiana." Big Muddy: A Journal of the Mississippi River Valley 16.2 (2017): 83-96. Print.

"Social Media Biography of a Spree Killer, Part 2" Carbon Culture Review [1 Nov. 2016. Web.

"Social Media Biography of a Spree Killer, Part 1" Carbon Culture Review 1 Jul. 2016. Web.

Mixed Media

"Diaspora" (Interactive Poem) Atticus Review 4 Sep. 2015. Web.


"Careful Arrangements" Eastlit 5.36 (2016). Web.


"One Photograph," "Balik sa Bayan," "Paternal Archives" TAYO Literary Magazine 6 (2017) 140-143. Print.

"Becoming," "Tanka for Two," "Object Benefit of a Grandfather as a Coconut Grinder" Redactions 20 (2016) 17-20. Print.

"Poetics of a Japanese Pharmacy," "Provincial Train" Product 28 (2014). Web.

"Three Disassembled Sonnets." Product 25 (2011). Web.

"Football Match." Intentional Walk 22 Mar. 2011. Web.

"Aubade." Cha: An Asian Literary Journal 11 (2011). Web.

"Tropical Depressions." The Mississippi Review 12:1 (2006). Web.

Conference Proceedings

"Institutional Web Portals: Accessing the Inter/Intranet." Tools of the Trade: Teaching in the Gulf: Proceedings of the First Annual Teacher-to-Teacher Conference, Abu Dhabi, 3-4 May 2000. Eds. Syed, Zafar and David Heuring. Abu Dhabi: Military Language Institute, 2001. 102-111. Co-authored with Edward Chaffin.

Research Interests

Online / Digital Pedagogies

Multimodal Composition

Digital Community Formation

Filipino Diaspora in the American South

Asian American Literature

Public Scholarship

Filipino Louisiana <> - Designed and developed a community archive and research environment for Filipinos in Louisiana to tell their story.

Digital Piney Woods (DPW) <> - Co-founded DPW, a digital humanities project that creates a cultural context for community members, academics, and students to exchange knowledge and develop multimodal projects on the piney woods region. DPW is a local installment of the socio-digital landscape, the conception of a collaborative environment that cuts across knowledge communities and fosters intellectual exchange and collaboration.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Coordinator, Professional Writing Program, 2014-Present - Responsible for all aspects of a new certificate program, including designing the program, marketing it to students and local businesses, and designing and teaching core courses.

University of Southern Mississippi

Digital Humanities Specialist, 2013-2014 - Responsibilities include advising on digital humanities initiatives, providing training sessions on digital humanities issues, and writing and consulting on grants. Co-authored NEH Digital Humanities Start-up Grant for the Piney Woods Exchange Commons, a social networking application built to incorporate community knowledge-exchange methods.

Technical Writing Program Administrator, 2011-2013 - Designed the curriculum that is taught to at least 12 hybrid and online sections of Technical Writing each semester; led regular meetings with course instructors; conducted classroom observations of instructors; evaluated course materials and new technologies; conducted annual course assessment.

Online World Literature Course Coordinator, 2012-2013 - Managed online course for 500 students; supervised 3 graduate-assistant graders; designed and delivered video lectures on writing about literature; troubleshot technical issues with Blackboard; met with students to solve course related issues and to advise on composition assignments.

Teaching Interests

Professional Writing - multimodal composition; writing for digital environments; web design; document design.

Creative - poetry; creative non-fiction; digital storytelling.

Literature - Asian American literature, particularly Filipino American; Filipino literature in English; contemporary poetry.

Interdisciplinary - digital humanities.

University Teaching Positions

University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Assistant Professor of English, 2014-Present

The University of Southern Mississippi, Graduate Assistant, 2010-13

United Arab Emirates University, Lecturer, 2004-10

Myong Ji University, Lecturer, 1997-98

Florida State College at Jacksonville, Adjunct Instructor, 1995

Jacksonville University, Adjunct Instructor, 1994-95

University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Graduate Assistant, 1992-94

English Language Teaching Positions

LSH Preparatory School, Pohang, South Korea, 2002-4.

Military Language Institute, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 1998-2002.

American Language Academy, Thibodaux, Louisiana, 1996-97.

AEON Corporation, Fukui, Japan, 1995-96.

Courses Designed & Taught

Professional Editing - Designed online course that teaches students the principles of editing.

Document Design - Designed online course that teaches students the principles of good document design and develops the skills to employ these principles.

Professional Writing - Designed online course that helps students develop the core knowledge and skills to produce professional documents.

Technical Writing: Writing in Professional and Public Contexts - Designed hybrid and online courses that emphasize the use of technology for writing and designing workplace documents and multimedia compositions.

Writing Practicum: Creative Non-Fiction - Designed writing and publishing course for students selected to be editors of the student literary journal, Voices in English. Students completed a series of research and composition-skills projects as a method for writing non-fiction and learned layout design with MS Publisher.

Advanced Writing: Literary Analysis - Designed a writing for literature course for education majors that introduced students to literary analysis with episodes of the popular Arabic-language animation, Freej.

Advanced Communication: Visual Rhetoric - Designed visual rhetoric course that focused on analysis of visual media in advertisements, the news, and movies.

Advanced Communication: Composition of Speech - Designed communication course that guided students in the creation of seminar-style presentations and podcasts based on community research projects.

Advanced Composition: Theory to Practice - Designed a critical composition course that challenged students to think critically about the relationship between religious and social practices and to investigate the themes in research and personal essays.

Composition I: Introduction to Academic Writing - Designed a course around the question "what does it mean to be an American?" Students wrote narrative and expository essays that were in dialogue with works like Richard Rodriguez' "Middle-Class Pastoral" and Emerson's "Self-Reliance."

College Reading & Writing: Responding to a World of Ideas - Designed reading list and writing assignments for a course that focused on composing essays that entered into a dialogue with the works of prominent thinkers like Plato, Thoreau, Lao Tzu, Machiavelli, Frederick Douglass and Martin Luther King Jr.

Composition II: Writing about Literature - Designed reading list for a composition course designed to introduce students to literary study. Students read a selection of poems, short stories from Joyce's Dubliners, and Robert Kennedy Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces.

Other University Courses Taught

Composition - Writing Persuasively, Introduction to Academic Writing, Persuasive & Researched Writing, Composition I, Introduction to Academic Writing

Academic Skills - Introduction to Careers, Oral Presentation Skills, Critical & Creative Thinking Skills

English as a Foreign Language - English Grammar & Usage, English Conversation, Basic Writing

Awards & Honors

Summer Research Grant, UL, 2015

Travel Grant, UL, 2014

Garth Avant Award in Fiction, USM, 2014

Digital Media and Composition Institute Scholarship, The Ohio State University, 2013

Howard & Helen Bahr Scholar Graduate Research Award, USM, 2012, 2013

English Graduate Organization Travel Grant, USM, 2013

Joan Johnson Award in Poetry, Honorable Mention, USM, 2012

Lead Instructor, responsible for mentoring instructors, USM, 2011, 2012

Professional Development Award, United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), 2007, 2008

Travel Grant, Qatar Foundation, 2003

Travel Grant, Military Language Institute, 2001, 2002

Panels Organized

“Digital Research in the Global South: Re/discovering Louisiana Through the Filipino Community,” The Deep South in the Global South, Lafayette, LA. 7 Apr. 2017.

“Filipino American Communities in Louisiana,” Filipino American History Month Symposium, New Orleans, LA. 8 Oct. 2016.

Conference Presentations

“Cross-cultural Caring in Mia Alvar’s In the Country,” Association for Asian American Studies Conference, Portland, OR. 14 Apr. 2017.

"The Body of Carlito: Peter Bacho’s Cebu as an American Reception of Filipino Crucifixions," Bodies of Work: The Human Body in Various Forms, Hattiesburg, MS. 3 Mar. 2017.

"Cultural and Religious Border States: Postcolonial Reception of Filipino Passion Plays," Midwest Modern Language Association Convention, St. Louis, MO. 12 Nov. 2016.

"Research, Archive, and Wiki: An Open Port to a Community-centric Asian American Digital Humanities," Association for Asian American Studies Conference, Miami, FL. 30 Apr. 2016.

“Collaborative Methods and Socio-digital Spaces: Community Archiving of Filipino Louisiana,” Digitorium Digital Humanities Conference, Tuscaloosa, AL, 4 Mar. 2016.

"The Selfie-Made Man: Visual Media and the Boundaries of Identity in the Case of the UCSB Shooter," Popular Culture & American Culture Association Conference, New Orleans, LA. 3 Apr. 2015.

"Visualizing Data: Infographics in Professional Writing," Conference on College Composition and Communication, Tampa, FL. 20 Mar. 2015.

“Through the Socio-digital Landscape: An Integrated Approach to Research and Composition,” Louisiana Association for College Composition Conference, Eunice, LA. 13 Mar. 2015.

"Opening Composing Spaces: An Introduction to the Socio-digital Landscape," Conference on College Composition and Communication, Indianapolis, IN. 21 Mar. 2014

"Community Development: From an Individual Digital Humanities Project to a Socio-Digital Landscape," South Central MLA Conference, New Orleans, LA. 4 Oct. 2013.

"Unhappy Returns: Filipino Americans as Imperial Agents in The Disinherited and Cebu," Association for Asian American Studies Conference, Seattle, WA. 19 Apr. 2013.

"Poet and Pastor: Words that Bond and Bridge," Association for Asian American Studies Conference, Washington D.C. 14 Apr. 2012.

"Who Picks up the Branches?: Trees, Harmony and Community Action in Talisheek, Louisiana," 2012 Annual Southern Anthropological Society Meeting, Birmingham, AL. 17 Mar. 2012.

"Belonging/Not: A Journey to a Diasporic Identity," Louisiana Conference on Literature, Language, and Culture, Lafayette, LA. 31 May 2011.

"What You Know or What You Should Know: Authority for 'Poor' Writers in Freshman Composition," Louisiana Association for College Composition Conference, Lafayette, LA. 17 May 2011.

"Activity to Exercise: Search Activities to Guide Students in Writing," The 6th Annual Language Centre ELT Conference, Muscat, Oman. 19 Apr. 2008. Invited Speaker.

"Teaching Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL): Experience, Attitudes and Practice," The 2nd International English Language Teaching Conference, Farmagusta, North Cyprus. 4 May 2008. Co-presented with Edward Chaffin.

"Tech and Reflect: Building Your Professional Web Presence," The 2nd International English Language Teaching Conference, Famagusta, North Cyprus. 4 May 2008.

"What Students Want from the Web: A Cultural Scale of Interests," Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Arabia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 16 Mar. 2007. Co-presented with Maha Ellili Cherif.

"What Teachers Bring to the CALL Labs," TESOL Arabia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 29 Mar. 2006. Co-presented with Edward Chaffin.

"What's your CALL philosophy?: A Survey on Teachers and Technology," Qatar Teachers of English Network International Conference, Doha, Qatar. 30 Apr. 2005. Co-presented with Edward Chaffin.

"Technology and Student Product Assessment," TESOL International, Salt Lake City, UT. 13 Apr. 2002. Co-presented with Edward Chaffin.

"Institutional Administration and Resource Management through Technology," TESOL International Developer's Showcase, Salt Lake City, UT. 12 Apr. 2002. Co-presented with Edward Chaffin.

"Meeting Institutional Needs Through a Web Portal," TESOL International, Salt Lake City, UT. 10 Apr. 2002. Co-presented with Edward Chaffin.

"Conference Websites: Behind the Scenes," Second Annual Teacher-to-Teacher Conference, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 7 Nov. 2001. Co-presented with Edward Chaffin and Paul Crane.

"Technology and Student Product Assessment," Current Trends in English Language Testing [Conference], Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 10 May 2001. Co-presented with Edward Chaffin.

"Centralizing Your Curriculum with a Student Portal," TESOL International Internet Fair, St. Louis, MO. 28 Feb. 2001. Co-presented with Edward Chaffin and Paul Crane.

Roundtable Participation

"The Great Third Coast: How Teaching in the South and Midwest Challenges Asian American Studies," Association for Asian American Studies Conference, Miami, FL. 13 Apr. 2017.

"Reimagining Points of Departure: Teaching Asian American Studies," Association for Asian American Studies Conference, Miami, FL. 29 Apr. 2016.

"Deadly Borderlands: Collisions of Asian American, Masculinity, Whiteness, and Sexuality in the 2014 UCSB Shootings," Association for Asian American Studies Conference, Evanston, IL. 23 Apr. 2015.


Manager, Multimedia Writing Studio, USM, 2011-13

Member, Composition Textbook Review Committee, USM, 2012

Chair, Technical Writing Textbook Review Committee, USM, 2011

Assistant Poetry Editor, Mississippi Review: A Journal of Contemporary Literature, 2011

Course Coordinator, Introduction to Academic Writing, UAEU, 2009-10

Member, Instructional Technology Committee, UAEU, 2007-10

Evaluator, Writing Proficiency Assessment, UAEU, 2006-09

Assistant Editor, Voices in English, UAEU, 2008

Instructor, UAEU Teacher Training Program, Al Yehar High School, 2007

Member, Basic Writing Committee, UAEU, 2006


Volunteer, Association for Asian American Studies Conference, 2011

Volunteer, TESOL Arabia Conference, 2007-08

Web Designer, TESOL Arabia Conference, 2002-03

Web Designer, Current Trends in English Testing Conference, 2002

Organizing Member, TESOL Arabia Conference, 2002

Co-chair, TESOL Arabia Conference Technology Village, 2002

Co-chair, Teacher-to-Teacher Conference Technology Village, 2001

Professional Affiliations

Association for Asian American Studies

Association of Writers & Writing Programs

College Composition and Communication

National Council of Teachers of English

South Central Modern Language Association

Popular Culture Association

Community Organizations

Filipino American Association of St. Tammany (Vice President)