Randy Gonzales Professional Writer Professional Writing

Professional, Technical Communication

Coordinator of the Professional Writing program at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. My interest in professional writing started at a language institute in the United Arab Emirates, where I found that my communication skills and interest in technology made me valuable as a technical communicator able to explain to administrators the needs of the technical staff and design instruction for teachers looking to incorporate technology into their classrooms.

Randy Gonzales Digital Humanities Creative Writing

Poetry, Creative Non-fiction

Writer who composes across genres, media, and disciplines. My work includes research-based creative non-fiction on digital identities and Filipino American culture, multimodal compositions on culture and identity, and poetry, including interactive and video poems. My creative work has appeared in Cha: An Asian Literary Journal , The Mississippi Review Online , Atticus Review , Eastlit , Redactions, Carbon Culture ,and elsewhere, and is forthcoming in Big Muddy and TAYO.

Digital Humanities

New Media, Archives, Digital Environments

Digital Humanities practitioner who explores methods and features of a socio-digital landscape, an environment that connects communities (academic and public) for the purpose of knowledge exchange on humanities issues. I look to explore the socio-digital landscape (an environment that creates communities-- academic and public-- to exchange knowledge on humanities issues) through two projects: Digital Piney Woods (DPW) , a project that connects the academy to the community through research and composition, and Filipino Louisiana , a community archive and research project.

Randy Gonzales Filipino American Studies Filipino American Studies

Ethnography, Community Archives

Filipino American interested in revealing the stories of Filipino Americans. My research into the culture of Filipino Americans began with attempts to understand my ancestry and developed into an interest in the adaptions (cultural, psychological, social, etc.) recent Filipino migrants make when residing in the South. I use ethnographic and digital humanities methods to help tell the stories of Filipinos in Louisiana.

Randy Gonzales Online Learning Pedagogy

Online Learning, Multimodal Composition

Educational technologist and certified distance learning instructor who explores ways that technology can enhance the learning experience. My concept of a socio-digital landscape describes methods for blurring the divide between classroom and public spaces and practices, and building a digital environment that supports learning communities and encourages humanistic inquiry.

Randy Gonzales Asian American Studies Asian American Studies

Migration, Displacement, Identity

Cultural Studies practitioner who takes an interdisciplinary approach to research of Asian American communities and literature. My interest in Asian American literature developed as an accompaniment to my explorations of Asian and Asian American cultures. I read Asian American literary texts through the lens of culture, asking how a text highlights cultural practice and how culture informs a text.


Gonzales22.com is the professional site of Randy Gonzales, an Assistant Professor of English at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.


"(Un)Documented, a Narrative of M— in Letters to/from US Institutions."

Immigration narrative through military and civil service files of a Filipino sailor.

Three Poems

"One Photograph," "Balik sa Bayan," and "Paternal Archives."

A Social Media Biography of a Spree Killer,

Part 1, Part 2 .

A critical biographical essay constructed from the digital footprint of the 2014 Isla Vista shooter.

Three Poems

"Becoming," "Tanka for Two," and "Object Benefit of a Grandfather as a Coconut Grinder," a poem about my memory of my Filipino grandfather.

Photo Vitae